Fantastically Good Top Tips for all this Wedding Stationery Stuff

Well that’s a long title.

Anyway…..There’s no need to go stressing yourself out with all this talk of wedding stationery. I know what your thinking; sure how many invites do I need?, what kind of invite should I get, what the heck are those place name card things and do I even need them? One of you is also most likely thinking; well how much is this going to cost us? I haven’t won the lotto you know!

Woah chill the beans ( that’s Irish slang, we love the craic you know ), throw the kettle on ( POLLY! ) and read our fantastically good top tips for all this wedding stationery stuff.

So when should I order?

Realistically you should really start looking for your wedding stationery about 6-8 months before your wedding with an aim to have them ordered 5/6 months before your wedding. Don’t go stressing yourself out by leaving it last minute ( it’s not your NCT you know )  believe me, you will have enough to think about close to your wedding ( how will I ever pee with this wedding dress on?? ). You really don’t need unnesscary pressure close to your big day ( that’s from experience ). So get googling, pinteresting ( is that a word? ) and brainstorming ideas. Then come and contact us and we’ll sort you out.

And do I need some sort of a theme?

Having a theme literally makes your life so much easier for everyone. You don’t need to go getting specific now, keep it general like vintage, classic, glam etc etc. We do love a bit of vintage and shabby chic ( beware, this style becomes an obsession, it will literally take over your life ), so if that’s what your into we will be really enthusiastic and do a fantastically ( this is a word right?)  good job for you. If its not, we will still do our absolute best to make you as happy as Larry ( who the heck is Larry? ). Also, while we are going on about themes, pick a colour or two or six to include in your stationery. Usually its your bridesmaid colour/s so that your guests know not to wear the same colour as them or there may be a totes awky momo ( totally awkward moment, had to google the slang myself so dont feel old ).

How many do I need?

Or more importantly, what is the least amount I can get away with…. So obviously you won’t need to send a separate invite for every guest ( money saved right there ). I usually say half the number of guests plus 10% in case of  mistakes ( it’s ok, we all make mistakes ). The same goes for ceremony booklets or order of service (don’t cry when all the guests leave them behind at the ceremony and they get thrown away). If your ordering place name cards ( a little folded card with the guests name on it so they know where to sit), unfortunately you have to order one for everyone ( unless you have 2 guests with the exact same name???not likely I know, ah well ). Table names and numbers are pretty handy as you just need one per table ( unless your venue has ginormous tables where you need megaphones to talk to each other ). If you want menus ( a few per table ) and a table plan ( just one, phew! ) then some venues do supply these but they won’t be as cool as ours and you defo ( definitely ) want a cool wedding.

When do I need to post these?

If your wedding is fairly local then 6-8 weeks is plenty of time. You don’t want to send them too early or guests might forget all about it ( some of us are like goldfish you know ). If your wedding is abroad then 10-12 weeks is a better time scale to give your guests ( they need time to put by a few pound, sorry euro, every week ).

What about them RSVPs?

Ill be bluntly honest here, guests can be pretty damn lazy when it comes to rsvp’n ( new word ?). You have to make things as easy as possible for them so give them plenty of options to reply like post, email, phone numbers etc ( they have no excuse then ). Guests should really get them back to you 3/4 weeks before your wedding ( or they may not have a seat or a meal and that’s no craic at all ). If you want to make it even easier for your guests to RSVP then pop a stamp on them (yeah, more money) so they literally have to tick a box and put them in a post box ( seriously, how hard can that be? ).

What information do I need to give?

Firstly don’t worry it’s not like writing an essay ( oh the distant memories of school). I’ll do most of the work (I’m sound like that), so all I need from you is your names, date, time and venues. I’ll put it altogether and email over a proof to you. Do triple check the proofs (we all make mistakes), even get the parents to check over it too (they’re all wise and stuff). Once they’re confirmed, we can send you a hard copy and then they are ready to be made (woohoo).

When do I get to see all of my lovely stationery?

The easiest thing is for you to give us an approximate time when you want them and we can put you in our diary (allow a few days either way, sometimes other orders can go over and we don’t like rushing them). You can pick them up from our studio or we can send them off to you ( no need to take a day off work to pick them up, ain’t no one got time for that )


If you want to order the whole works ( thank you cards and all, fancy! ) then its easier to order them all at once as we might even throw in a discount if its a big order ( every penny counts ). If you’re happy with your order then tell everyone, your family, friends, work colleges, their friends, their pets ( too far? ), basically just everyone. Know that you’re supporting a local business and we really appreciate a good review!

Thank you, hope you enjoyed the read ( and your tea ) and we hope to hear from you.

Caroline & Team 🙂